Low Cost Green Car Daihatsu Ayla

Cheap car environmentally friendly rivalry or Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) hotter. Of the three models that have been performed, Agya, Ayla, and Brio Satya, strongly compete to hook the consumer. Ranging from price to features offered. Agya and Ayla is a brand-new model, while the Brio is an old model that made ​​LCGC version.

If you look at draft LCGC set by the government, following the manufacturer's program is urged to develop a new model that is devoted to cheap cars.

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) officially launched the eco-friendly cheap car or Low Cost Green Car, Ayla on Monday, September 9, 2013.Ahead of its launch, has circulated details of the price of each type of Ayla. Where the price is ranging from 0.5 to 107 million Rp76 On the Road in Jakarta.

However, a source at the ADM said Ayla type D (lowest) manual transmission will be released Rp76, 5 million. While type X (highest) automatic transmission Rp107 million. "If there is no change in price that much. Decision but see you later," said the source.

Here's a complete list of the estimated price Daihatsu Ayla:

  • Ayla D MT Rp76, 5 million
  • Ayla D MT plus Rp 85,9 million
  • Ayla M MT Rp 90,95 million
  • Ayla M AT Rp 99,95 million
  • Ayla X MT Rp 97,95 million
  • Ayla X AT Rp107 million

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